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It's March and almost Spring. As I was looking through my computer files I came upon these images of my largest acrylic painting 36x48 inches, called "SEASONS"

This quadriptych or 4 panel work was painted in 2014 on 4 separate canvases each measuring 12x36 inches and each representing one of the seasons. The way I have created these paintings was to works somewhat as a "perpetual calendar" so you can switch the pieces according to the seasons we are in and still be able to mach perfectly as long as they follow each other as in nature. Every time the seasons are changing, you can move the first piece to be last.

The composition, the feel the flow the dynamic of the artwork will change each time.

Here we see Spring first, followed by Summer. Fall and Winter.

When Summer comes, Spring can move and be the last and let Summer shine.

When Summer is over then Fall can take the lead.

Winter can have it's turn next.

Here are some details from the paintings. I hope you enjoyed this fun fact about my work.

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