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Another year passed but all the teachings remained and because of the teachings I'm a different person, always growing, always expanding. Every year has so much to offer and I so look forward to what is next! We set goals and dreams and starting fresh with blank pages that are waiting to be painted with our masterpieces. May this year be filled with magic for all of you, take a class to learn something new, travel somewhere you never went before, the list is so so long of the magical possibilities, so pick up your brushes and start painting!

My first art offering for this year is another 8 week series at MAUDE KERNS ART CENTER.

I welcome you to join me for this fun class called EXPLORING THE ART JOURNAL starting on January 22nd. We will be using different types of media to create artworks in our special journals where we can always go back for inspiration, comfort and healing.

You can register HERE.

If you fel inspired to join my chair yoga classes that I teach twice a week on zoom, send me a message for more info.

Whichever direction you are heading may your journey be blessed and filled with magic!

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