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Boglarka Pataki-Barothi was born into a Hungarian family in Transylvania, Romania. With an artist/art teacher father, art and creativity has always been a part of her everyday experience. She finds inspiration and beauty all around her in people, nature and living. Tribal arts, the Art Nouveau period, fairy tales, and children books also have a great influence on her art. Acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, graphite pencils and markers, on paper or canvas are among her favorite media. Her style tends towards the decorative with simplified shapes, lines, dots, and other details reflecting her textile background. Her paintings, often carry the message of connection among all living things as well as significant

interdependence. She studied traditional art for over 9 years and received her

BFA with a major in Textile Arts from the Ioan Andreescu Academy of Visual Arts in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Since graduating in 2000, she has exhibited

at international, national and local venues and exhibitions.

She lives and works in Eugene, Oregon.

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