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Summer is almost over, family visits, vacation is only a beautiful memory now and I'm back to working, getting ready for two big art fairs.

I'm very excited for getting into the Palo Alto Art Festival this year, coming up August 25th and 26th. My booth number is 479. You can find more info on their website I hope I'll see some of you there!

After Palo Alto, the next show will be the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival in September. I'll post more details about that as we get closer to the date. Here is their website if you want to learn more

If you are in Sacramento, you can see 2 of my paintings and one mixed media work at the FE GALLERY "The New Nouveau” show with opening reception August 11. Details here and artist list for this show Have fun browsing and enjoy the last few weeks of summer! Hope to see you at one or all of my shows! XOXO

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