Something new!

I was approached by a design company called VIDA based in San Francisco, to be part of their design team and I said yes! Since I have a BFA with a major in Textile Arts this was a perfect opportunity to make some new textile designs to be printed on garments. What really caught me is the company's mission and vision statement, so please check it out here: My designer page can be seen here! Best of all, if you like what you see and you order by August 21 you can use these coupon codes: Enjoy 15% towards your purchase using code Welcome15-0814 OR Enjoy $50 off your purchase of $250+ using code Welcome50-0814 Expires 8/21/2016, Midnight PST Thank you and please check back often since I'll be a

Here it is

The image I promised to share with you is here. It was hard to choose a title for the painting so I just called it what it is "DREAM CATCHER". Enjoy!

Painting mood

I have prepared this canvas a while ago and I had the "call" to pull it out from the pile and finish it. This is how it looked few hours later. The painting is finished now and I'll post the picture soon, so stay tuned! My brushes and paints are waiting to be used more, so I'm off to spend more hours in my studio!